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Sabah/ Sarawak Custom Restrict Sensitive Goods

Dear Sabah/ Sarawak Customer,

Recently Sabah/ Sarawak custom inspection strictly. Please refer to the listed in picture below, all sensitive goods is not allow import to Sabah and Sarawak, which need required permits from Malaysia Local Authorities. Prohibited goods once found by custom, parcel confiscate directly without any notice, or could be fine by custom. We not bear for any responsible. Please be alert for this, and appreciates for cooperation. 

近期马来西亚海关开展严查行动,附件为马来西亚东马海关归为限制物品清单,限制的物品包含了需要许可证清关& 应税的商品以及违禁品。违禁品一旦被海关查到,货物将直接被没收,甚至会有罚款产生,我司将不承担任何责任。希望大家引起重视,感谢各位的理解跟配合,



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