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International Shipping Fee

Click SHIPPING CALCULATOR  at main website to view the International shipping fee list 
(select country, select area, click calculate, click "calculation basis" to view the addtional kg fee charge)

Notice: As Per freight industry pratice, the chargeable weight of a package is calculated based on Volumetric or Actual weight, whichever is higher

Important Notice: Over Length Item over than 140cm will addtional charge CNY 150 / West Malaysia parcel overweight 30kg, charge overweight fee (CNY) 170/ parcel ; East Malaysia parcel overweight 25kg, charge overweight fee (CNY) 7/ kg + (CNY) 170 /parcel.

Malaysia East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak) Sea Shipping addtional handling fee CNY 200

Malaysia West Malaysia (Kedah, Terrengganu, Perlis, Kelantan, Kuala Rompin, Mersing)  Sea shipping addtional handling fee CNY 150

** When physical dimensions (width X length X height) in cm / 5000 exceeds your goods weight, volumetric weight will be used to calculate Air Freight Charges
Special items = Liquid ( eg. perfume/ skincare) / Cosmetics/ Branded products / Counterfeit product/ Electronics item (eg. computer device, electrical equipment)/ Cutter item/ Knife tool/ Battery subtance/ Magnet subtance/ Medicine subtance/ Powder substance/ Candle/ CD/ DVD/ Sex Item/ Light Food/  Fragrance essence (eg. Soap)/ Radio Signal Transmiting Device

** more details about shipping pls refer: Shipping 
** Air Freight is PER KG charges (rounded up)
Example:1.2kg,1.5kg, 1.7kg =charge 2kg

~Air Shipping Volumetric Calculations~

  • Example 1:
  • Parcel Actual Weight:1 kg
  • Parcel Actual Measurement:45cm*20cm*30cm 
  • Calculation =(45*20*30)/5000
    = 5.40kg    > 6kg for shipping charge
  • Example 2:
  • Parcel actual weight:10 kg
  • Parcel actual measurement:45cm*20cm*30cm
  • Calculation =(45*20*30)/5000
    = 5.4kg   > 10kg for shipping charge

敏感货 = 液体/ 粉末/ 名牌/ 冒牌产品/ 化妆品/  电池产品/ 带电池电器/ CD/ DVD/ 情趣用品/ 药品/ 食品/ 刀具类/ 磁铁性质物品/ 太阳能产品/ 香精料性质

国际运费按公斤做收费。例子:1.2kg,1.5kg, 1.7kg =直接计算2kg


**运输条列和说明请参考 Delivery Terms & Methods


  • 例子1:
  • 物品的实际重量:1 kg
  • 物品的实际体积:45cm*20cm*30cm (宽 x 高 x 长cm)
  • 抛重的重量 = (45*20*30)/5000
    = 5.40kg 按6KG收空运费
  • 例子2:
  • 物品的实际重量:10 kg
  • 物品的实际体积:45cm*20cm*30cm  (宽 x 高 x 长cm)
  • 抛重的重量 = (45*20*30)/6000
    = 5.40 kg 按10KG收空运费