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The goods is all fine. It is just that the delivery time took so long.
  • Product quality:Quality is very good, exactly the same description with the seller, very satisfied
  • Service attitude:Customer service is great, considering very thoughtful, completely beyond expectations
  • Logistics Services:Compare to our competitors, we have more efficient arrival times with high protection for goods and delivery man with great attitude of service
List of goods:

穿出你的大长腿~2019夏新款修身显瘦弹性拉链高腰 牛仔短裤女

Price: US.$8.10

Options: 尺寸: XL, 颜色分类: 白色,

国内单 2019夏新 原宿知性 清爽舒适百搭纯色显瘦衬衫上衣 女

Price: US.$7.36

Options: 尺码: S, 颜色分类: 雾霾蓝,

国内单 2019夏新 原宿知性 清爽舒适百搭纯色显瘦衬衫上衣 女

Price: US.$7.36

Options: 尺码: L, 颜色分类: 橄榄绿,

PK90813 BF风~ 秋季新品青春中性工装风扣带饰直筒休闲萝卜裤女

Price: US.$11.78

Options: 尺寸: M, 颜色分类: 白色,

BP81101 韩国单 浅口袜低帮短袜薄款船袜男袜短筒隐形袜潮 5双装

Price: US.$1.91

Options: 尺码: 均码, 颜色分类: 5双装随机,

GW90801 春秋简约宽松前短后长针织衫 拼接条纹假两件单排扣外套

Price: US.$13.25

Options: 尺码: 均码, 颜色分类: 灰色,

TT90802 秋新款复古丝绒宽松百搭V领打底衫 纯色蕾丝背心小吊带

Price: US.$2.35

Options: 尺码: 155(S), 颜色分类: 黑色,

PW90855 复古港风 秋新宽松百搭单排扣立领纯色工装夹克短外套

Price: US.$13.25

Options: 尺码: S, 颜色分类: 白色,


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