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  • Product quality:Quality is very good, exactly the same description with the seller, very satisfied
  • Service attitude:Customer service is great, considering very thoughtful, completely beyond expectations
  • Logistics Services:Efficient arrival times with high protection for goods and delivery man with great attitude of service
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Sony Ericsson/索尼爱立信 C902 经典直板按键老人学生备用手机

Price: US.$34.26

Options: 机身颜色: 黑色, 套餐类型: 套餐三, 存储容量: 128MB, 版本类型: 港澳台,

Sony Ericsson/索尼爱立信 SK17i侧滑盖经典直板迷你安卓智能手机

Price: US.$41.55

Options: 机身颜色: 黑色, 套餐类型: 套餐一, 存储容量: 512MB, 版本类型: 港澳台,

Sony Ericsson/索尼爱立信W880 经典清仓直板超长待机金属小手机

Price: US.$31.34

Options: 机身颜色: 银色 前银后黑, 套餐类型: 套餐三, 存储容量: 32MB, 版本类型: 港澳台,

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