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Very good
  • Product quality:Quality is very good, exactly the same description with the seller, very satisfied
  • Service attitude:Customer service is great, considering very thoughtful, completely beyond expectations
  • Logistics Services:Efficient arrival times with high protection for goods and delivery man with great attitude of service
List of goods:

MeeT 65*90mm 卡膜 内胆 适用于 球星卡 帕尼尼 神奇宝贝 影视卡

Price: US.$0.88 US.$0.88

Options: 不封口(100张)

MeeT 九格9格 卡页 球星卡 万智牌 游戏王 透明卡页 精灵可宝

Price: US.$0.18 US.$0.11

Options: 黑上插(单页购买)


Price: US.$0.35 US.$1.47

Options: 64X89mm不封口, 内胆卡膜(包)


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