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What should I know about customs?

Buy2Taobao will assure that the goods clear China Customs, but we can not be responsible for clearance in your destination country.

If your shipment has been held by customs in your country for import duty tax, you might need to pay taxes to get your parcel. This is unlikely, only 0.1% of the parcels we delivery have been taxed. We not responsible for any custom tax.

We suggest that before shipping, Customers take the initiative to find out rules and regulations of your country customs. 

How to avoid?

You can refer to the following suggestions:

1, weight of the package:

In many countries, a parcel will be considered commercial if it weights over 10kg. Customs will block these parcels and ask you to pay duties. To prevent this, you should monitor the weight of your parcel.

2, items in package:

Having too many similar items in the same parcel will draw the Customs' attention. You should not send large numbers of similar products together. Instead, separate them into different parcels.

3. items in sensative:

Please note sensative item is high attention item  during custom processing. Parcel will slightly higher chance to be taxed.

How long the parcel be release if held in custom?

Please note custom have the rights to held the parcel for investigation during clearance processing. When parcel being held, what you can do is wait for the custom clearance process finish and release your parcel. According the past experiences, the processing takes around 20-30days (or upto 60days).