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New User Manual

New User Manual/新用户手册

AboutBuy2Taobao/关于Buy2taobao / is the most professional and reliable shopping service agency support Malaysia, Singapore, Southeast Asia and Global. We service a wide rangeof clients from Multi-national corporation to individuals on every continent.For companies and individuals who wish to shop online in China, & / isyour most trusted friend and biggest online store in China.  / 是马来西亚,新加坡,东南亚和全球最专业可靠的购物服务平台。我们服务的客户范围广泛,从跨国公司到全球的个人用户。对于希望在中国网上购物的公司和个人, /www.1688.com是您最值得信赖的朋友,也是中国最大的网上购物平台。 

Our mission is to assist and help allthe friends outside of china to safely purchase items from china online stores.We have affiliations with the largest online stores in China / / so anyone who would like to shop online in China can benefit from our service. Most online stores are displayed in Chinese, so we will assist and help our buyers discover what thestores are offering, the prices, and also advise you on which deals are hot and what is not.  It is our duty to make our services available for everyoneby providing a safe payment method and cheap, fast, and reliable shipping. 

我们的宗旨是帮助中国以外的所有朋友安全放心地从中国网上购物平台购买商品。我们与中国最大的在线购物平台有联系  /  /。所以任何想在中国网上购物平台购物的人都可以享受到我们的服务。大多数在线商店都以中文显示,因此我们将协助我们的买家发现商店所提供的商品,价格,并为告知您哪些商品时热销商品,哪些不是。我们的责任是通过提供安全的支付方式和廉价、快捷、可靠的运输方式为每位用户提供服务 

We are a professional purchasing agency ready to assist you in purchasing any item in China. For your benefit,satisfaction and convenience, we will assist you by providing the best value soyou save both time and money. Please join us and start your international shopping.


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