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  • baby Fall Head Protective pads baby Fall Headrest care children Toddler Walk Collision avoidance Artifact

  • Promo: RM6.11-RM18.46 Price: RM12.22-RM36.91
  • Local Express: RM0
  • Quantity: 16680 Location:Guangdong -Shantou
Local Express:

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  1. Product Details
  • brand :Baby House
  • Applicable age :newborn,1 months,2 months,3 months,4 months,5 months,6 months,7 months,8 months,9 months, 10 A month, 11 A month, 12 A month, 13 A month, 14 A month, 15 A month, 16 A month, 17 A month, 18 A month, 19 A month, 20 A month, 21 A month, 22 A month, 23 A month,At the age of 2, 25 A month, 26 A month, 27 A month, 28 A month, 29 A month, 30 A month, 31 A month, 32 A month, 33 A month, 34 A month, 35 A month,At the age of 3,4 years
  • Place of Origin :Chinese Mainland
  • Province :Guangdong Province
  • City :Shantou City
  • Color classification :35cm Bars, 30cm 35cm Bars, 30cm 33cm Bars, 33cm Bars, 33cm Bars, 33cm Bars, 35cm Velvet Brown bee+Bars, 32cm Bars, 35cm Velvet Honeybee+Bars, 35cm Bars, 38cm (XL)Bars, 38cm (XL)Suede cock+Bars, 37cm (XL)Suede Naughty Fox Bars, 37cm (XL)Suede Naughty The elephant Bars, 37cm (XL)Suede Naughty Beetle Bars, 37cm (XL)Suede Naughty Deer Bars, 37cm (XL)Suede Naughty honeybee Bars, 37cm (XL)Suede Naughty Puppy Bars, 37cm (XL)Suede Naughty Chick Bars, 39cm (Upgrade plus size)Suede wasp+Bars, 39cm (Upgrade plus size)Velvet wasp+Bars
  • Filler :Other
  • Listing time :2018 Winter year
  • Pillow type :Other
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