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  • SAST SA208 dvd Disc Player household high definition portable vcd Player evd children small-scale machine HDMI Blu-ray Disc Movie Study English 4K Integrated machine

    For 3 years, new products will be sold directly for 68 yuan, and only one set will be purchased.

  • Promo: RM245.68 Price: RM116.67-RM498.15
  • Local Express: RM6.17
  • Quantity: 12860 Location:Guangdong -Guangzhou
Local Express:

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  1. Product Details
  • brand :SAST/ SAST
  • Model :SA208
  • power :11W (contain) -19W (contain)
  • After-sale service :Store three packs
  • Place of Origin :Chinese Mainland
  • Province :Guangdong Province
  • City :Guangzhou
  • Interface type :USB
  • CD In Mode :Pallet
  • Colors :Standard[Eye edition]Send 2 Discs,Standard[Eye care upgrade]Send 2 Discs,Standard[Eye care upgrade]Send 4 discs+children Study Manager recommended[Eye care upgrade]Send 2 Discs+children Sing Microphone HDMI [HD version]Send 2 Discs, HDMI [HD version]Send 2 Discs+HD line, HDMI [HD version]Send 4 discs+HD line, HDMI [HD version]Send 4 discs+HD line+Game Set, HDMI [HD version]Send 2 Discs+children Sing Microphone HD line, HDMI [ 5.1 All formats]Send 4 plates+HD line, HDMI [ 5.1 All formats]Send 4 plates+children Sing Microphone HD line
  • Video Format :PAL/NTSC/AUTO
  • Combo type :Official standard
  • manufacturing enterprise :Guangzhou Huadu District Lance Girton Electronics
  • Player Type :DVD player
  • Purchasing place :Chinese Mainland
  • Defects Liability Period :12 A month
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