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  • Force Jazz HUAWEI glory 7i Mobile phone shell ATH-AL00 Smart cover TL00H All inclusive wrestling CL Soft shell Metrosexual Female models One Tempered

    The collection is added to the shopping cart for the same type of toughened film + the same ring bracket.

  • Promo: RM6.15 Price: RM17.39
  • Local Express: RM0
  • Quantity: 15040 Location:Guangdong -Shenzhen
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  1. Product Details
  • Protective sleeve texture :Silica gel
  • style :Protective shell
  • style :Cartoon
  • apply Mobile phone model :Huawei/ HUAWEI
  • Huawei Model :glory 7i
  • brand :Force Jazz
  • Model :glory 7i One color
  • manufacturing enterprise :Shenzhen Lifa Innovation industry Limited company
  • Color classification :glory 7i# Never give up,glory 7i# Lie,glory 7i# Stitch,glory 7i# Flower Fairy,glory 7i# Little handsome,glory 7i# Heilu fly,glory 7i# Night boy,glory 7i# The eagle tower,glory 7i# Two hole,glory 7i# Swan girl,glory 7i# superman,glory 7i# Lvqun girl,glory 7i# Moon,glory 7i# Hat girl,glory 7i# Kumamoto,glory 7i# Red Luffy,glory 7i# Mermaid,glory 7i# Dandelion,glory 7i# Treasure,glory 7i# Metrosexual,glory 7i# Starry sky Xiongben,glory 7i# Seeking nurturing
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