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Hello, dear friend!

If you still don’t know what Pi Coin is and have not installed Pi Coin, please check the content of the previous email.
Mail content mirror address:https://www.buy2taobao.com/Pi_setup_and_register.html

How to mine Pi coins effectively and faster?

  1. Click the ⚡ icon once every 24 hours

    This is the only way to ensure that you can mine Pi coins, and it is very simple, but it should be noted that you must click the ⚡ icon every time after mining stops (the lightning ⚡ icon will turn white after stopping). Tips: The best way we recommend everyone is to set a timed alarm on your mobile phone to prevent the loss of Pi coins from time to time.
    Operation guide: The position of the arrow in the 3rd picture(The picture is at the bottom of the page)
  2. Set real name

    In order to prevent someone from cheating and mining Pi coins, Pi App requires everyone to register with their real identity. If a new user accidentally fills in the wrong name, he needs to change his name to the correct name within 14 days of registration. Missing the correction period may result in the failure to complete the KYC later. Certification will ultimately affect whether you can get your Pi coins. (The real name is exactly the same as the local name and English name of your ID card or passport)
    Operation guide: Picture 1 ⑥ Location
  3. Complete phone number verification

    Pi's registration rule is one person, one phone, one number. Many people ignore the SMS verification. This is because only the successful SMS verification is a valid account and the mined coins are valid. Otherwise, you will eventually be deemed to be an invalid account and be destroyed. And mobile phone verification is also a means to ensure the security of your account. If you have a verified mobile phone, if you forget the password, you can retrieve the password or reset the password through the mobile phone. Therefore, mobile phone verification is a very, very important part.
    Operation guide: main menu (the first picture ⑧ location) → click on personal information → the second picture icon arrow position
  4. Set up Security Circle

    This is currently the easiest way to increase the mining speed. By adding other Pi mining members to your Security Circle, you can increase the speed by 2 times and protect the security of your Pi coin network transactions. The Security Circle is composed of each Pi. The trust circle established by each member is composed of 3-5 individuals they trust. The Security Circle of each Pi member is aggregated to build a "global trust graph" to protect the currency and prevent bad actors from performing fraudulent transactions.
    If you don’t have 5 friends who are digging Pi, I will provide you with three trusted real Pi friends phone numbers (+8618402010506, +8613168320127, +8615328439163), and you will save these phone numbers into your mobile phone address book (use any Name), you can set them to the Security Circle in the Pi app.
    Operation guide: App will prompt you to set up after 3 days of mining
In addition, buy2you.com The website plans to open the PI payment icon in advance within three months.

This may be the last time we sincerely inform you to mine Pi. I wish you can mine Pi coin and many Pi coins. I wish you success.

If you still don’t know what Pi Coin is and have not installed Pi Coin, please check the content of the previous email.
Mail content mirror address:https://www.buy2taobao.com/Pi_setup_and_register.html

Written at the end:

亲爱的朋友, 您好!



  1. 每24小时点击⚡图标一次

  2. 设置真实姓名

    为了防止有人作弊挖掘Pi币,Pi App要求每个人必须使用真实的身份注册,如果新用户不小心填错了姓名需要在注册后14天内修改为正确姓名,错过修改期可能导致后期无法顺利完成KYC认证,最终影响您是否能够得到您的Pi币。(真实姓名就是与您的身份证或护照的本地文名称和英文名称完全一致)
    操作指引:第1张图片 ⑥ 位置
  3. 完成电话号码验证

    Pi的注册规则是一人一机一号,许多人都忽略了短信验证,这是因为只有短信验证成功才是有效账户,挖到的币才有效, 否则最终认为你是无效账户而被销毁。而且手机验证也是保证你账户安全的一种手段,通过了验证的手机,在你忘记了密码时,你可以通过手机找回密码或者重新设置密码。所以说,手机验证是非常非常重要的一环。
    操作指引:主菜单(第1张图片 ⑧ 位置) → 点击个人资料 → 第2张图标箭头位置
  4. 设置安全圈(Security Circle)

    这是目前提升挖矿速度最简单的办法,通过将其他挖Pi的成员添加到您的Security Circle,可以提升2倍的速度,并保护您的Pi币网络交易安全,Security Circle是由每个Pi成员各自建立的信任圈,由他们所信任的3-5个人组成, 各个Pi成员的Security Circle聚合在一起从而构建“全局信任图”来保护货币,防止不良行为者执行欺诈性交易。
    如果您没有5个朋友在挖Pi,我给您提供三个可信的真人Pi友电话号码(+8618402010506,+8613168320127, +8615328439163),您将这些电话号码存入您的手机通讯录(使用任意名字),您就可以在Pi app里面把他们设置到Security Circle了。
另外buy2you.com 网站计划在3个月之内提前开通Pi支付图标。